Business Led Change​

CEO or Business Head defines a Go To state of the Organisation, in a 6-12-24 months horizon.

Supporting the Key Leaders and/or Critical Teams Mindset, Skill-sets aspects of the Change Journey.  

Leadership Journeys

The HR function creates a Leadership Journey Track based on Values or Competencies. 

We chaperon the Entire Journey or Some key Components by Customized Content. 

Simulation, Gamification

Leveraging Cutting Edge Learning Simulations customized for a team’s context. 

Near Real Life experience with learning which can be applied immediately. 

Assessment Centers

The Classical Approach to Senior Leader/ Hi-Potential Assessment. 

Multi-Senior Assessors, Multi-tools (Simulation, Business Case, BEI, Psychometric Profile, etc.) with Personalized Feedback. 

Coaching & Mentoring

Led by Seasoned Coaches from the Industry, Trained on a three stage Process, with Neuroscience Principles for personal connect.

Individual or Team Coaching, With a clear business impact agenda. 

Start-up Value Creator Journey

A 3-Steps Process specially designed for The Founder,  the Leadership Team, and the total Organisation. Success in one stage leads to the other. 

Typically between Series A to C. Stock options based.